• Missing my husband ...........

    As my husband Dick was dying I asked him if I could take some photos of his hands - I always particularly loved his hands! He agreed but it made him very sad as it was flagging up the fact that his days were numbered. I have those photos now but it is very bitter sweet to look at them as I recall his upset. It is almost three months since he died and still the grief is raw and continues to trip me up at unexpected moments.




  • A sad comment from Yvonne.............

    I cried every day when the doorbell rang for the umpteenth time! I railed at some visitors and then ran out of energy to fight the next wave! They came and came and came and then came some more! and all I kept thinking of was their selfishness! It seemed to be all about them and not my dear husband because he DID NOT WANT THEM!!! he was sick, in pain and dying - can you think of a worse time to socialise with anybody????? Michele you deserve a medal of some kind, probably for bravery and for appealing to commonsense (your advice) PLEASE LISTEN TO THE MESSAGE FOLKS!!


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  • A Sweet Poem about Bereavement..........


    After this day has darkened and gone

    And I wake to the rest of my life

    I shall think of the times and the places we saw

    When we were husband and wife

    And I know I shall visit those places we loved

    And walk by the fields and the sea

    Where you and I spent our happiest hours

    And somehow you'll be there for me

    If I go through the woods to the top of the hill

    Or run barefoot in the sand

    I shall hear your voice in the wind, my love

    And feel the touch of your hand

    And people who see me on my own

    As they pass me on the track

    Might wonder why, if I'm really alone

    I pause sometimes and look back

    To where the roadside trees are blurred

    By the early evening mist;

    I'll be waiting for you to catch up, my love,

    From where you've stopped to rest

    And though people will find many ways to be kind

    They will never understand

    How I hear your voice in the sigh of the wind

    And feel the touch of your hand.

    © Simon Bridges (1965- )



  • Visitors in Terminal Illness - Yasmin's list - add your loved one.............

    I received this comment from Yasmin in response to Claire's letter (below) - Please feel free to add your loved ones name, as a comment, if you feel as strongly as we do on this issue......

    I wanted to comment on your other posts but wasn't sure if I should but seeing as everyone else is doing it on this one! You are a wonderful person Michele Christie, you have given a voice to the countless people who have had the misfortune to be snowed under with insensitive visitors at such difficult and distressing times. I too nursed my husband through liver cancer and it felt that we were in a stage play, so often surrounded by onlookers as the sickness and pain engulfed him. No one cared that we had been up half the night and were dead with exhaustion. Everyone in his family thought that, like you, I was being a policeman and was deliberatly keeping them away. Also like your husband he would beg me to tell them to stay away as he was too weak and ill to have that confrontation himself. Every single one of your words struck at my core, every word could have been written by me, I applaud your bravery at standing up and being counted. It cannot have been easy. I read somewhere that you were doing this for your husband Dick and I say that you are doing it too for my husband Jeremy and I am sure countless others will add their own loved ones name to that list. I say an enormous and heartfelt THANK YOU - you are the bravest and the best. All LOVE and VIRTUAL HUGS to such a wonderful person.

    Regards Yasmin x



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